Our Focus

What we're passionate about providing during your week.

Through classes, electives, Bible study and discussion, learn about the history and writings that shape our faith.


Faith is meant to be active. Learn how to put your faith into action in service to others.


You’ll be in community with others who are deeply committed to their faith and service to the world.

About the Summit

So what's going to happen during this week?
Everyone has a call from God. We can help you find yours.

The Summit is a week-long experience in growing in your faith. We'll have daily classes, Bible studies, and small group covenant groups, and will practice spiritual disciplines with contemplative practices.

We'll spend time at Camp Horizon, Open Door Ministries, & SoCe Life with teambuilding, serving, missional immersion, and poverty simulation.

  • Connect with God, one another, and Christian leaders
  • Be educated in Wesleyan theology
  • Be mentored in God’s call to serve

  • We Invest in You

    Sure, we're putting on a great experience, but we're not making you pay for all of it.

  • Your church helps

    Hey, you're worth it. We think your church will agree.


    You'll have to cover a teeny, baby percentage of the cost yourself.

  • 100% Awesome

    It all adds up to a 100% great experience!


Real people who care about you and your journey with God.
Wendy Mohler-Seib
Wendy Mohler-Seib
Summit Director
Wendy will be leading the Summit, and engaging the students in a week that will help them explore what God’s call may mean for their lives.
Anna Chua
Anna Chua
BeADisciple Academy Director
Anna will guide Disciples throughout the school year in the online BeADisciple Academy.
Ben Hanne
Ben Hanne
Campus Minister
Ben will be leading worship and providing leadership throughout the week. He will also serve as a mentor and guide to anyone considering ministry.
Martin Rude
Martin Rude
Worship Outreach Director
Martin will be coordinating worship music for the week, and will be able to discuss his passion for music and how he lives out his call with Worship Outreach.
Molly Just
Molly Just
Discipleship Southwestern Director
Molly will be coordinating our Summit Guides, Southwestern College students who will be spending the week walking alongside our participants. She will also be leading daily lessons.
Jackson Lashier
Jackson Lashier
Professor of Religion
Dr. Lashier will be teaching various aspects of Wesleyan theology to the students attending the Summit. He will be coordinating the curriculum for each of the day’s lessons.

What Past Participants Are Saying